A01MMESP3+52B+FM2+PEA01, IP65 grn pushbutton switc

PartNumber: A01MMESP3+52B+FM2+PEA01
Ном. номер: 8088242111
Производитель: APEM Components
A01MMESP3+52B+FM2+PEA01, IP65 grn pushbutton switc
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Pushbutton Switch Assemblies

Double-pole, momentary switch
Ideally suited for machine control, door opening, etc
Ingress protection to IP65
Operating temperature range -20 to +55°C
Knockouts for conduit
2.8mm solder/quick connect terminals



Push Button Control Stations Push-button station controller for industrial applications

Push-button control stations for industrial applications, pre-assembled for remote-controlled equipment. Units comply with IEC 337 and VDE 0660, part 2, and IP65 protection. Housings are in heavy-duty polycarbonate (or glass-reinforced nylon). Push-through cable openings. Mounting instructions provided on base. The push-button control station (22-mm thread diameter) is anti-monomission, as it is rear-mounted.
The contact blocks, normally opened or closed, can withstand a 10 A heat load. An additional contact may be mounted for each tripping element. These are available separately. See the Cables and accessories section to find the appropriate cable glands.

Переключатели / Модульные переключатели и принадлежности / Модульные переключатели: Корпуса /
IP65 Wall Mount Momentary Modular Switch Body For Use With A01 Series -20°C +55°C

Технические параметры

для использования с
A01 Series
оценка показателя производительности
максимальная рабочая температура
максимальное напряжение переключения
250V ac
Minimum Operating Temperature
тип монтажа
Wall Mount
интервал рабочих температур
-20 → +55°C
тип переключателя
Push Button
тип контакта
Switch Operation

Дополнительная информация

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