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A1120ELHLT-T, Датчик на эффекте Холла, Униполярный, 25 мА, SOT-23, 3 вывод(-ов), 3 В, 24 В

PartNumber: A1120ELHLT-T
Ном. номер: 8000842642
Производитель: Allegro
A1120ELHLT-T, Датчик на эффекте Холла ...
Доступно на заказ 3367 шт. Отгрузка со склада в Москве 6 недель.
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от 10 шт. — 113 руб.
от 25 шт. — 107 руб.


The A1120ELHLT-T is a surface-mount chopper stabilized precision Hall Effect Switch with superior temperature stability. The A1120 unipolar switch is extremely temperature-stable and stress-resistant sensor IC, especially suited for operation over extended temperature ranges to 150°C. Superior high temperature performance is made possible through dynamic offset cancellation, which reduces the residual offset voltage normally caused by device over-moulding, temperature dependencies and thermal stress. An on-board regulator permits operation with supply voltage of 3 to 24V. The advantage of operating down to 3V is that the device can be used in 3V applications or with additional external resistance in series with the supply pin for greater protection against high voltage transient events.

• Solid-state reliability
• Reverse battery protection
• Operation from unregulated supply
• Resistant to physical stress
• Unipolar switch points
• -40 to 85°C Ambient temperature range

Датчики и Преобразователи\Датчики\Микросхемы Датчиков
Код: 1791403

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