AA716, 1 sided photoresist board

PartNumber: AA716
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Производитель: Cif Athelec
AA716, 1 sided photoresist board
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1 390 × = 1 390


Pre-Sensitised Boards 35μm or 70μm
Complies with military standard P 13949F M12 13949F

Professional quality boards with blue coloured positive resin
Fire resistance: UL 94-V0
Board material Glass-Epoxy FR4

Developer concentration: use sachet 160-9490 or 6-10g/l of Sodium or Potassium Hydroxide. Conduct trials if in doubt.

UL, CSA (K130 and above)

Фоторезисты и фольгированные (медь) платы Photoresists & Copper-Clad Boards

Printed circuit board materials for the manufacture of high quality PCBs
Standard high quality glass-epoxy FR4 substrate and glass-APPE substrate specifically for high frequency applications
Where applicable, the resist coated boards are exposed using UV light before being developed with half-strength Universal Developer solution and finally etched using a solution of Ferric Chloride Hexahydrate Crystals. Pre-sensitised with positive working photoresist, protected by a black plastic peel-off film

Photoresists/Pre-sensitised Boards

Проектирование печатных плат / Печатные платы (PCB) / Платы с фоторезистом /
AA716, Single Sided Photoresist Board FR4 35μm Copper Thick, 160 x 100 x 1.6mm

Технические параметры

Материал основания
Epoxy Glass Fabric Laminate
толщина меди
160 x 100 x 1.6mm
Количество сторон
FR Material Grade

Дополнительная информация

UL File E101749
Printed Circuit Board General Information
FR4 Data Sheet
Presensitised Board Instructions For Use