AD633JRZ, Четырехквадрантный аналоговый умножитель [SO-8]

Артикул: AD633JRZ
Ном. номер: 2183502354
Производитель: Analog Devices
Фото 1/3 AD633JRZ, Четырехквадрантный аналоговый умножитель [SO-8]
Фото 2/3 AD633JRZ, Четырехквадрантный аналоговый умножитель [SO-8]Фото 3/3 AD633JRZ, Четырехквадрантный аналоговый умножитель [SO-8]
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The AD633JRZ is a functionally complete, 4-quadrant Analogue Multiplier. It includes high impedance, differential X and Y inputs and a high impedance summing input (Z). The low impedance output voltage is a nominal 10V full scale provided by a buried Zener. It is laser calibrated to a guaranteed total accuracy of 2% of full scale. Nonlinearity for the Y input is typically less than 0.1% and noise referred to the output is typically less than 100µVrms in a 10Hz to 10kHz bandwidth. A 1MHz bandwidth, 20V/µs slew rate and the ability to drive capacitive loads make this useful in a wide variety of applications where simplicity and cost are key concerns.

• 4-quadrant Multiplication
• Laser-trimmed accuracy and stability
• High impedance unity-gain summing input
• Total error within 2% of full scale
• Differential high impedance X and Y inputs
• High impedance unity-gain summing input

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