AD8417R-EVALZ, Evaluation Board for AD84

PartNumber: AD8417R-EVALZ
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Производитель: Analog Devices
AD8417R-EVALZ, Evaluation Board for AD84
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Evaluation Board - Current Sensing Amplifier AD8417
The Analog Devices evaluation boards AD8417RM-EVALZ/ AD8417R-EVALZ allow you to evaluate/prototype the AD8417 Current shunt amplifier. The Board has a range of different modes and can be configured for unidirectional and bidirectional operation. The board AD8417R-EVALZ ( 836-8698) will evaluate the SOIC 8 pin package such as RS 835-3790. And the AD8417RM-EVALZ ( 836-8708 ) accommodates the Current sense amp AD8417 in the MSOP-8 package; these include RS 820-9393 and 835-3781. The board is flexible with loads and can be provisioned for a current shunt resistor with maximum standard size of 2818.

AD8417 current monitoring applications
Supply Voltage ranges from 2.7 V to 5.5 V
Operation can be configured as unidirectional or bidirectional
Provision for current sense resistor
Provision for capacitive/resistive loads at the output with 1206 footprint
Test equipment connection

Current Sensing Amplifiers
Current Sensing Amplifiers have a voltage output that is proportional to the volt drop across a very low value resistor, usually in a high-current power rail. Hence they measure the current flowing in that power rail.

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Evaluation Board
Current Sensing Amplifier
Kit Contains
AD8417R-EVALZ Evaluation Board

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Evaluation Board for the AD8417 Current Sense Amplifier AD8417R-EVALZ