ADM1062ASUZ, Устройство контроля/установки последовательности, программируемый сброс, 10 монитора, 3В-14.4В (Vin)

PartNumber: ADM1062ASUZ
Ном. номер: 8113127296
Производитель: Analog Devices
ADM1062ASUZ, Устройство контроля/установки ...
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The ADM1062 series Super Sequencer with margining control and temperature monitoring. The Super Sequencer® configurable supervisory/sequencing device offers a single-chip solution for supply monitoring and sequencing in multiple-supply systems. In addition to these functions, the ADM1062 integrates a 12-bit ADC and six 8-bit voltage output DACs. This circuit can be used to implement a closed-loop margining system that enables supply adjustment by altering either the feedback node or the reference of a DC-to-DC converter using the DAC outputs. Supply margining can be performed with a minimum of external components. The margining loop can be used for in-circuit testing of a board during production (for example, to verify board functionality at -5% of nominal supplies) or it can be used dynamically to accurately control the output voltage of a DC-to-DC converter.

• Complete supervisory and sequencing solution for up to 10 supplies
• 10 Supply fault detectors enable supervision of supplies <0.5% accuracy at all voltages at 25°C
• 5 Selectable input attenuators allow supervision of supplies to 6V on VP1 to VP4 (VPx)
• 5 Dual-function inputs, VX1 to VX5 (VXx) - general-purpose logic input
• 10 Programmable driver outputs, PDO1 to PDO10 (PDOx) - Open-collector with external pull-up
• Sequencing engine (SE) implements state machine control of PDO outputs
• Complete voltage margining solution for 6 voltage rails
• 12-bit ADC for readback of all supervised voltages
• Internal and external temperature sensors
• Driven directly from 2.048 V (±0.25%) REFOUT pin
• More accurate external reference for improved ADC performance
• Device powered by the highest of VPx, VH for improved redundancy
• Industry-standard 2-wire bus interface (SMBus)
• Guaranteed PDO low with VH, VPx=1.2V
• 256-byte User EEPROM

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Код: 2457269

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ADM1062 Series
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MSL 3 - 168 часов

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