ADP2503CPZ-REDYKIT, Eval Bd, ADP2504 0.6A 2.5

PartNumber: ADP2503CPZ-REDYKIT
Ном. номер: 8062201219
Производитель: Analog Devices
ADP2503CPZ-REDYKIT, Eval Bd, ADP2504 0.6A 2.5
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Evaluation Kit for ADP2503 Switching Regulator
The ADP2503CPZ-REDYKIT allows simplified prototyping and evaluation and is available for every standard fixed output voltage option in the ADP2503 product family. The kit allows the user to evaluate the voltage options with one easy to order kit. All surface-mount ADP2503 parts come sorted and stored in the kit with the Analog Devices part number and fixed output voltage clearly printed on each zip-top bag. The kit can be used in the engineering lab to evaluate required voltage options. If other voltage options must be evaluated, a different part from the kit can be easily soldered onto one of the evaluation boards supplied.

1 each ADP2503-3.3-EVALZ evaluation board V OUT = +3.3V
1 each ADP2503-5.0-EVALZ evaluation board V OUT = +5.0V
3 each ADP2503 voltage options in a labelled bag

RedyKit Features:
- Two fully assembled and tested evaluation boards per kit
- Full set of IC voltage options in each kit
- 3 samples of each IC voltage option packed in separate antistatic bags
- Kit allows the user to quickly evaluate all IC voltage options

Switching Voltage Regulators - Analog Devices

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Eval Bd, ADP2504 0.6A 2.5MHz DC-DC Conv

Технические параметры

Evaluation Board
DC to DC Converter
Kit Contains
ADP2503CPZ-REDYKIT Evaluation Board

Дополнительная информация

ADP2503CPZ-REDYKIT Evaluation Board Data Sheet ADP2503CPZ-REDYKIT
ADP2503CPZ-REDYKIT Evaluation Board Data Sheet