ADZS-BF537-STAMP, Плата Stamp, UCLINUX, 32 бита, на базе Linux OS, uClinux 2.6.x, загрузчик Das U-Boot

PartNumber: ADZS-BF537-STAMP
Ном. номер: 8030527577
Производитель: Analog Devices
ADZS-BF537-STAMP, Плата Stamp, UCLINUX ...
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The BF537 STAMP board Support Package (BSP) provides developers with a cost effective environment to develop embedded systems with the Blackfin Processor. The STAMP BSP has been specifically designed to support the development and porting of open source uClinux applications and includes the full complement of memory along with serial and network interfaces. The BSP includes an ADSP-BF537 STAMP board and a CD with a recent copy of the Blackfin open source development tools and uClinux Kernel, documentation, board schematics, gerbers and layout files. There are several Analog Devices daughter cards available for use with the STAMP board. Three separate SPI ADC daughter cards are available - AD7476, AD7476A and AD7940 - each one providing an Analogue input interface. In addition, an AD1836 daughter card is available that provides an audio interface. Look out for additional daughter cards in the future with various other interfaces such as video and Analogue input/output.

• Linux OS based on uClinux 2.6.x, GPL license compliant, complete kernel and driver source code
• GNU gcc (C/C++) support with gdb/kgdb debug capabilities over Ethernet and JTAG
• Features Das U-Boot Universal Boot loader
• Complete Linux IP stack including standard protocols Device drivers for on-board peripherals
• 3 separate SPI ADC daughter cards are available-AD7476, AD7476A and AD7940
• CE certified

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Код: 1355150

Технические параметры

Производитель Чипа
Analog Devices
Архитектура Ядра
Подархитектура Ядра
Номер Ядра Чипа
Название Семейства Чипа
Количество Бит
Содержимое Комплекта
STAMP Board, Documentation, Board Schematics, Gerbers, and Layout Files
Linux OS Based, uClinux 2.6.x, Das U-Boot Bootloader, Debug Capabilities Over Ethernet and JTAG
Особенности Комплекта
Linux OS Based on uClinux 2.6.x, Das U-Boot Bootloader, 500MHz Blackfin Processor, CAN, I2C, JTAG

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet ADZS-BF537-STAMP