AI121800, Inverter with BS4343 skt

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AI121800, Inverter with BS4343 skt
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Quasi Sine Wave, 1800 & 2700W BS4343 / IEC60309 Industrial Output Sockets (Pro P Quasi Sine Wave, 1800 & 2700W BS4343 / IEC60309 Industrial Output Sockets (Pro Power Q)

Highly efficient DC to AC digital quasi sine wave inverters that connect directly to a leisure or vehicle battery via the 1 meter gold plated terminal battery cables
Output via Mennekes yellow BS4343/ IEC60309 (commando style) 110Vac 50Hz 16A socket, ideal for use on building sites
Complete with remote control which simply plugs in to the unit and can be located up to 10 meters away with the supplied cable
Fitted with low noise multi speed cooling fan
LED status indicators (power, over-load and over-temp)
Thermal protection, over-load protection, output short protection, battery low voltage shut down (user cannot completely flatten battery)
Rugged aluminium case
Engine running interlock to protect starter battery
E-marked for vehicle use and conforms to all CE and EEC directives for light industrial, commercial and household use

When installing the inverter a high current fuse should be used between the battery and the inverter.
Not to be used with capacitive loads (fluorescent lighting etc).

When installed in vehicles or boats, the inverter must be connected to the chassis or ground terminal. Never use the inverter on vehicles where the positive terminal of the battery is connected to the chassis.
Always install the inverter in a cool, dry, well ventilated place. Do not use in wet conditions, ensure all suitable earth protection is in use on any electrical installation.

Mobile & Installed Power Inverters

Источники питания и трансформаторы / DC-AC инверторы / DC-AC автомобильные инверторы /
1800W DC-AC Car Power Inverter, 12V dc / 110V ac

Технические параметры

Эффективность, кпд
входное напряжение
12V dc
максимальная температура
минимальная температура
среднее время наработки на отказ
выходной ток
Непрерывная выходная мощность
Импульсная выходная мощность
выходное напряжение
110V ac
Output Connection Type
British 3-pin
Output Power Waveform
Quasi Sine Wave

Дополнительная информация

Pro Power Q Data Sheet