AMBA345919, Пассивный ИК Датчик, серия MA, ИК, длинного типа, 190 см, 4.5 В DC, 5.5 В DC, 30 °, 5 мс

PartNumber: AMBA345919
Ном. номер: 8092143935
Производитель: Panasonic
AMBA345919, Пассивный ИК Датчик, серия MA ...
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The AMBA3 series Motion Sensor with easy installation. The sensor can provide stable detection that is not affected by the condition (colour or material of the clothing) or parts (skin, hair) of the object being monitored. (Reflectance 18 to 90%). Excellent performance even when the detection surface is dirty. Built-in oscillation circuit type obviates the hitherto existing need for start signal input. This sensor can be located in adjacent positions, because the timing of the external trigger signals can be adjusted so that the beam frequency of each adjacent sensor will not interfere with the other.

• Detection distance type (shape) - short type, middle, long type available
• NPN/PNP open collector V/H type output available
• Active infrared (area reflective)
• Human detection

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Код: 2473733

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AMBA3 Series

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