AMC1305M25EVM, AMC1305M25 DeltaSigma Mod

PartNumber: AMC1305M25EVM
Ном. номер: 8025131644
Производитель: Texas Instruments
AMC1305M25EVM, AMC1305M25 DeltaSigma Mod
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AMC1305x25 Delta-Sigma Modulator Evaluation Kit
An evaluation kit from Texas Instruments based on the AMC1305L25 Isolated Delta-Sigma Modulator. The modulator can be used in high-resolution measurement applications such as current monitoring, industrial process control parameter analysis and motor positioning systems.

The AMC1305x25 is a single-channel, second-order, switched-capacitor delta-sigma modulator with an output galvanically separated from the input interface circuitry by a capacitive isolation barrier. The modulator can achieve up to 16 bits of resolution with a dynamic range of 80 dB at a data rate of 78 kSPS when paired with a suitable digital filter.

2mm 2-terminal screw connectors provide easy access to the analogue inputs, clock input and digital (data) outputs of the modulator. The module provides for optional isolated power to the AMC1305x25 analogue voltage supply input derived from the controller-side power supply.

Two versions of the AMC1305 evaluation kit are available:
∙ 9033804 (AMC1305L25EVM) ±250mV input, LVDS output
∙ 9033813 (AMC1305M25EVM) ±50mV input, CMOS output

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AMC1305M25 DeltaSigma Modulator Eval Kit

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