AT42QT1040-MMH, Контроллер сенсорной клавиатуры, QTouch 4-Button Sensor IC [VQFN20]

Артикул: AT42QT1040-MMH
Ном. номер: 9000110012
Производитель: Atmel
AT42QT1040-MMH, Контроллер сенсорной клавиатуры, QTouch 4-Button Sensor IC [VQFN20]
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The AT42QT1040-MMH is a digital burst mode, charge-transfer (QT™) Capacitive Sensor Driver, designed for touch-key applications. It can sense from one to four keys-one to three keys can be disabled by not installing their respective sense capacitors. The device includes all signal processing functions necessary to provide stable sensing under a wide variety of changing conditions. The outputs are fully debounced. Only a few external parts are required for operation. The device modulates its bursts in a spread-spectrum fashion in order to heavily suppress the effects of external noise and to suppress RF emissions.

• Up to 4 QTouch® keys
• 4 Discrete outputs indicating individual key touch
• Patented spread-spectrum charge-transfer (direct mode)
• Simple self-capacitance style
• Etched copper, silver, carbon, indium tin-oxide (ITO)
• PCB, FPCB, plastic films, glass electrode substrates
• Plastic, glass, composites, painted surfaces panel
• Up to 10mm glass, 5mm plastic panel
• Fixed key threshold, sensitivity adjusted via sample capacitor value key sensitivity
• Adjacent key suppression

Код: 1748487

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