AT91SAM9G45-EVK, Оценочный комплект, на базе микроконтроллера ARM, JTAG, Ethernet интерфейс, разъем Micro SD карты

PartNumber: AT91SAM9G45-EVK
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Производитель: Embest Info&Tech
AT91SAM9G45-EVK, Оценочный комплект ...
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AT91SAM9G45-EVK evaluation kit is an effective platform for evaluating chip performance and developing code for applications based on the AT91SAM9G45 microcontroller. The board has got AT91SAM9G45 (BGA324 package) microcontroller based on ARM926EJ-S processor operating at 400MHz frequency, and can support WinCE, Linux and Android. The ARM926EJ-S based AT91SAM9G45 features the frequently demanded combination of user interface functionality and high data rate connectivity, including LCD Controller, resistive touch-screen, camera interface, audio, Ethernet 10/100 and high speed USB and SDIO. The AT91SAM9G45 supports the latest generation of DDR2 and NAND Flash memory interfaces for program and data storage. The I/Os support 1.8V or 3.3V operation, and are independently configurable for the memory interface and peripheral I/Os. This feature completely eliminates the need for any external level shifters.

• An external 256MB NandFlash
• An external 1MB NorFlash
• An external 4MB DataFlash
• 2 external 64MB DDR2 SDRAM
• One USB host interface and one mini USB interface
• Ethernet interface
• Audio interface and SD card interface
• Micro SD card slot
• LCD interface and JTAG interface
• One DBGU serial communication port

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Код: 2057064

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Evaluation Board, Power Adapter, Cables, TFT LCD panel, JTAG converter
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400 МГц
JTAG, Ethernet Interface, Micro SD Card Slot, DBGU Serial Communication Port

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Datasheet AT91SAM9G45-EVK