AVR-CAN, Макетная плата, AT90CAN128, RS232, AVR, CAN контроллер и интерфейс

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AVR-CAN, Макетная плата, AT90CAN128, RS232 ...
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The AVR-CAN development board is a inexpensive way to learn AT90CAN128 microcontroller from Atmel. Its in very compact form 60mm x 55mm and the presence of both CAN and RS 232 allow the customer to make bridge between UART and CAN networks. All AVR pins are available on extension connectors and the board can be easy snap on prototype or other mother board where additional circuits are built.

• AT90CAN128 MCU with 128Kb flash, 4Kb EEPROM, and 4Kb SRAM memories
• 5x2pin JTAG connector for programming and debugging with AVR-JTAG-L or AVR-JTAG-USB
• RS 232 DB9 female connector and driver
• CAN connector and interface
• UARTs, eight channel 10bit ADC, watchdog timer, SPI serial port and JTAG interfaces
• On board voltage regulator (5V)
• Power supply LED
• Power supply connector
• Extension pin headers for each uC pin

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CAN Controller and Interface, On Board Voltage Regulator
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AT90CAN128 MCU, 128KB Flash, 4KB EEPROM, 4KB SRAM, CAN Controller, RTC

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Datasheet AVR-CAN