B84A/6/SET, Wooden handle grey bristl

PartNumber: B84A/6/SET
Ном. номер: 8104329737
Производитель: Cottam Bros
B84A/6/SET, Wooden handle grey bristl
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480 × = 2 400
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Wooden Handle Brushes
Brushes with nylon and pure black bristles and hard fibre composite wooden handles.

Applications include: general dustings, cleaning, marking
Use with: IPA, trichloroethane, other cleaning solvents

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Приспособления для нанесения веществ - щетки

Клеи, герметики и ленты / Клеи / Кисточки для клея /
Pure Grey Adhesive Cleaning Brush, 9mm Bristle Width

Технические параметры

длина щетины
Bristle Type
Pure Grey
Cleaning Brush
Bristle Width

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