BM63764S-VC, Умный модуль питания (IPM), IGBT, 600 В, 15 А, 1.5 кВ, SDIP, DIPIPM

PartNumber: BM63764S-VC
Ном. номер: 8081479272
Производитель: Rohm
BM63764S-VC, Умный модуль питания (IPM) ...
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The BM63764S-VC is a 600V/15A IGBT Intelligent Power Module (IPM) for high speed switching drive in 25 pin HSDIP package. It is composed of gate drivers, bootstrap diodes, IGBTs, fly wheel diodes. Small switching loss IGBTs optimized for high speed switching drive such as a washing machine or a fan motor is adopted. The high side IGBT gate driver (HVIC) features SOI (Silicon On Insulator) process, drive circuit, high voltage level shifting, current limit for bootstrap diode, control supply under-voltage locked out (UVLO), low side IGBT gate driver (LVIC) features drive circuit, short circuit current protection (SCP), control supply under voltage locked out (UVLO), thermal shutdown (TSD) and fault signal (LVIC) corresponding to SCP (low side IGBT), TSD, UVLO fault. Typical application include high speed switching drive of AC100 to 240Vrms (DC voltage less than 400V) class motor, high speed switching drive of motor.

• IGBT collector-emitter voltage VCESAT is 1.7V
• FWD forward voltage VF is 1.5V (typ)
• FWD reverse recovery time trr is 100ns (typ)
• Operating temperature range from-25°C to +100°C
• 3phase DC/AC inverter
• Low side IGBT open emitter
• Built-in bootstrap diode
• Input interface 3.3V, 5V line

Полупроводники - Дискретные\Умные Модули Питания
Код: 2627529

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Управляющее Устройство Умного Модуля Питания
Номинальное Напряжение (Vces / Vdss)
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Стиль Корпуса Интеллектуального Модуля Питания
Серия Интеллектуального Модуля Питания (IPM)

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Datasheet BM63764S-VC