C13395_CLAMP-S2000, Ledil Secondary Optics

PartNumber: C13395_CLAMP-S2000
Ном. номер: 8035912720
Производитель: Ledil
C13395_CLAMP-S2000, Ledil Secondary Optics
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140 × = 700
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Base Parts for ANGELA & ANGELINA Reflectors
This range of base parts from LEDiL consists of clamps and holders for use with ANGELA and ANGELINA LED reflectors. They position and hold the LED in place before fixing the LED reflector on top.
The ANGELA and ANGELINA base parts form part of a larger ecosystem of LED reflectors and sublenses. With a very large number of different parts within the ANGELA and ANGELINA family, they offer numerous potential designs.

The viewing angle produced (the full angle measured at the half peak luminous intensity value) will vary depending on the chip size, colour and position of the LED.

LEDiL Base Parts

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LEDiL C13395_CLAMP-S2000, Angela Series LED Holder for Luxeon S2000 LED

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Luxeon S2000 LED
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