CA13726_VERONICA-SQ-O, Ledil Secondary Optics

PartNumber: CA13726_VERONICA-SQ-O
Ном. номер: 8118429699
Производитель: Ledil
CA13726_VERONICA-SQ-O, Ledil Secondary Optics
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The VERONICA series from LEDil, are a family of round LED lenses with a square or round base. They are TIR lenses for installations with potting resin. VERONICA lenses act as an optical element, structural holder and sealing surface. Designed for indoor and outdoor applications the VERONICA lenses can be used for IP ratings of up to IPx8.
This range is designed for use with a single LED. They offer a range of beam angles from a spot to wide, and even an oval beam option. VERONICA lenses direct the light from an LED light source through the lens to achieve the desired beam emission type with a uniform output.
VERONICA-SQ lenses have an adhesive tape for easy installation and a slightly smaller footprint than the standard VERONICA lenses.
Made using an optical grade PMMA, the VERONICA lenses offer a high UV and temperature resistance. VERONICA lenses have been designed and optimised for use with a variety of LEDs. Due to the rapidly changing nature of LED products customers are strongly advised to consult the latest manufacturer data for compatible LEDs.

The viewing angle produced (the full angle measured at the half peak luminous intensity value) will vary depending on the chip size, colour and position of the LED.

LEDiL Single LED Lenses

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