CB008, SafetyBreaker Double Pole

PartNumber: CB008
Ном. номер: 8057868617
Производитель: Timeguard
CB008, SafetyBreaker Double Pole
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Safety Breaker RCD Adaptor

Detects dangerous earth leakages and automatically disconnects both live and neutral connections (double pole) leaving the earth connected
Provides additional protection from electrical shocks
Extra fast trip action, within 40 milliseconds
Operating voltage 230Vac
Rated trip current 30mA

Выключатели с блоком RCD, Timeguard Timeguard RCD's

Current Rating 13A
Voltage Rating 220 - 240Vac
Trip Current 30mA
Trip Time 40ms
Conforms to BS1363 and BS7288

Designed to provide protection against the risk of electrocution and fire hazards.
Passive circuitry - power is restored immediately after a power failure.
Active circuitry - power is only restored after device has been manually reset, thus protecting against equipment suddenly re-energising.

Разъемы / Разъемы для электросетей, разъемы IEC и принадлежности / RCD разъемы для электросетей /
Mains RCD Connector RCD Adapter 2 Pole ,Tripping Time 40ms, Tripping Current 30mA,Rated At 13A,230 V ac

Технические параметры

номинальный ток
полярный формат
ток срабатывания
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RCD Adapter
номинальное напряжение
230 V ac

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