PartNumber: CC1120EMK-420-470
Ном. номер: 8056649305
Производитель: Texas Instruments
CC1120EMK-420-470, RF TRANSCEIVER ...
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The CC1120EMK-420-470 evaluation module kit for 420-470MHz can be used in conjunction with the CC1120 development kit to evaluate the performance of the Performance Line RF IC at this particular frequency. The CC1120 is a fully integrated single chip radio transceiver designed for high performance at low power and low voltage operation in cost effective wireless systems. All filters are integrated, removing the need for costly external SAW and IF filters. The CC1120 provides extensive hardware support for packet handling, data buffering, burst transmissions, clear channel assessment, link quality indication and Wake On Radio. The CC1120 main operating parameters can be controlled via an SPI interface.

• Adjacent channel selectivity 65dB at 12.5kHz offset
• Excellent receiver sensitivity
• Low phase noise
• High spectral efficiency
• Automatic output power ramping

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Код: 2334591

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Texas Instruments
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РЧ Приемопередатчик
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2 CC1120 Evaluation Modules, 2 Antenna