CC36MD25M28250164NM-14E, Economy printer cable,5m

PartNumber: CC36MD25M28250164NM-14E
Ном. номер: 8004461970
Производитель: Grand-Tek Technology
CC36MD25M28250164NM-14E, Economy printer cable,5m
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Economy Printer Cables
Three sizes of cable assemblies terminated with a 25-pin male D connector with locking thumbscrews and a 36-pin male Centronics connector. The connectors are fully moulded onto the cable and have a 100% Mylar foil shielding.

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5m Male DB25 to Male C36 Parallel Cable Assembly

Технические параметры

Connector A
Male DB25
Connector B
Male C36

Дополнительная информация

Parallel Printer Cable (New)