CGM5023-H, 16mm Flanged isolation wa

PartNumber: CGM5023-H
Ном. номер: 8092653714
Производитель: FIBET
CGM5023-H, 16mm Flanged isolation wa
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Universal Washer Type CGM

Excellent fail-safe dynamic insulation, particularly for vertical movements
Significantly reduces vibration and absorbs shock to provide an all-round solution for a wide range of applications on agricultural machines, off-road machinery and military equipment
When installed in pairs with a backing washer, Universal Washer Isolator Mounts are ideal for assemblies, and provide excellent isolation in compression with a degree of isolation in traction
Applications include engines, radiators, cabs and general isolation requirements, etc.

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Фиксирующие и крепежные детали / Виброизоляция и регулировка уровня / Крепления на кольцо и втулку /
FIBET 16.5mm 22.5mm Isolation Washer CGM5023-H Rubber, Steel 315daN 50mm

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Universal Mounts - Type CGM Data Sheet