CRM2512-JW-1R0ELF, 2512 Thickfilm Chip resis

PartNumber: CRM2512-JW-1R0ELF
Ном. номер: 8046211028
Производитель: Bourns
CRM2512-JW-1R0ELF, 2512 Thickfilm Chip resis
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CRM Series 2512 Format - Pulse Resistant
Bourns CRM2512 Series thickfilm power resistors with a rating of 2watts in a standard 2512 chip format. Having a very wide resistance range makes the CRM2512 Series suitable for different applications in power supply circuits including current sensing and inrush current limiting.

Токочувствительные, поверхностный монтаж

Bulk metal chip resistors
Low thermal e.m.f.
Virtually non-inductive
Marked with 3 digit resistance code
Mini reels are ideal for small batch production, development and R&D department
Suitable for automatic assembly on pick and place machinery

Дополнительная информация

CRM2512 - Pulse Resistant Power Resistor Data Sheet CRM2512-JW-1R0ELF
Datasheet CRM2512-JW-1R0ELF