CSB05, 12-Fibre Ext Termination

PartNumber: CSB05
Ном. номер: 8111651392
Производитель: Optronics
CSB05, 12-Fibre Ext Termination
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RS Pro Termination Boxes
From the trusted RS Pro brand, a range of superior quality wall mounting termination boxes. The enclosures in this range contain single splice trays. Fibres from externally fed cables can be spliced to pigtails for connection to the optical network. The robust termination boxes can be easily wall mounted in any home, office and small businesses.
Part number 121-3974 – 12 fibre IP45 internal box
Part number 121-3975 – 12 fibre IP55 external box
Part number 121-3977 – 4 fibre compact internal box

RS Pro Range

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12-Fibre Ext Termination Box Unloaded

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12-Fibre Ext Termination Box Unloaded data sheet