CSD97395Q4MT, NexFET с силовым каскадом, 4.5В до 5.5В, обратноходовой, 2МГц, VSON-8

PartNumber: CSD97395Q4MT
Ном. номер: 8089717231
Производитель: Texas Instruments
CSD97395Q4MT, NexFET с силовым каскадом ...
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The CSD97395Q4MT is a high frequency synchronous buck NexFET™ Power Stage design for use in a high-power high-density synchronous buck converter. This product integrates the driver IC and NexFET™ technology to complete the power stage switching function. The driver IC has a built-in selectable diode emulation function that enables DCM operation to improve light load efficiency. In addition, the driver IC supports ULQ mode that enables connected standby for Windows® 8. With the PWM input in tri-state, quiescent current is reduced to 130µA, with immediate response. When SKIP# is held at tri-state, the current is reduced to 8µA (typically 20µs is required to resume switching). In addition, the PCB footprint is optimized to help reduce design time and simplify the completion of the overall system design.

• System-optimized PCB footprint
• Ultralow quiescent (ULQ) current mode
• Diode emulation mode with FCCM
• Tri-state PWM input
• Integrated Bootsrap diode
• Shoot through protection
• Halogen-free

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