DC1871A, Демонстрационная плата для датчика температуры и устройства мониторинга напряжения LTC2995

PartNumber: DC1871A
Ном. номер: 8001716381
Производитель: Linear Technology
DC1871A, Демонстрационная плата для датчика ...
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DC1871A demonstration circuit features the LTC2995, a high performance temperature and voltage monitor that has resistor configurable alert levels. It converts the temperature of an external diode sensor and/or its own die temperature to an analog output voltage while rejecting errors due to noise and series resistance. Two supply voltages and the measured temperature are compared against upper and lower limits set with resistive dividers. If a threshold is exceeded, the device communicates an alert by pulling low the correspondent open drain logic output. DC1871A is designed to allow easy evaluation of the LTC2995 and may be connected directly to the target application's analog and digital signals to measure performance.

• Voltage output proportional to temperature
• Adjustable thresholds for temperature and voltage
• ±1°C remote temperature accuracy
• ±2°C internal temperature accuracy
• ±1.5% voltage threshold accuracy
• 3.5ms update time
• 2.25V to 5.5V supply voltage
• Input glitch rejection
• Adjustable reset timeout
• 220uA quiescent current

Полупроводники - Инструменты\Комплекты Разработчика Измерительных Устройств
Код: 2312651

Технические параметры

Производитель Чипа
Linear Technology
Номер Ядра Чипа
Тип Приложения Набора
Управление Питанием
Подтип Приложения
Температурный Датчик и Монитор Напряжения
Содержимое Комплекта
Demo Board LTC2995
Include Dual Voltage Monitor with Alert Outputs, High Performance, I/P Glitch Rejection

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Datasheet DC1871A