DC8W8SA00LF, DC8W8SA00 signal/power mi

PartNumber: DC8W8SA00LF
Ном. номер: 8112779254
Производитель: FCI Connectors
DC8W8SA00LF, DC8W8SA00 signal/power mi
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Plug & Socket Shells - DW Series

DW series of mixed power and signal contacts has been specially designed for industrial and telecom markets
Mixed contacts for soldering on to cable
Contacts for currents of 10A to 40A should be ordered separately
These connectors are not provided with accessories

Contact Resistance<= 7.3 mΩ

Selection Guide
Shell SizeTypeNo. of Ways Size 20No. of Slots
E 2V2 - 2*
A 11W1 10 1
A 7W2 5 2
A 3V3 - 3*
A 3W3 - 3
B 17W2 15 2
B 13W3 10 3
B 9W4 5 4
B 5W5 - 5
C 8W8 - 8
D 24W7 17 7
D 36W4 32 4
* Has a projecting, polarising slot

NFC 93425 HE507

Разъемы типа 'D' со смешанными контактами Mixed Contact 'D'
Mixed contact connectors suitable for making combined signal and power connections. Plug and socket options with solder bucket or 90° PCB terminations. Shell definition: 17W2 shell can have 17 mixed contacts in total. Shell is supplied with 15 signal contacts and has 2 cavities for power or coaxial contacts. Suitable for military, industrial or commercial applications and computer interfacing etc

Разъемы / Разъемы USB и D-Sub, компьютерные разъемы / D-sub разъемы на печатные платы /
FCI DW Series 8 Power Way Hybrid PCB D-Sub Connector,

Технические параметры

CAD Drawing
3D CAD Model
число контактов
8 Power
68.94 x 12.55 x 11.6mm

Дополнительная информация

c01-8639-0612 Customer Drawing DC8W8SA00LF
c01-8639-0612 Customer Drawing