PartNumber: DEMOQE128
Ном. номер: 8016853247
Производитель: NXP Semiconductor
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The DEMOQE128 is a demo board designed for demonstrating, evaluating and debugging the MC9S08QE128 and MCF51QE128 microcontrollers. The MC9S08QE128 is a member of the low cost, low power, high performance HCS08 family of 8bit microcontroller unit. The MCF51QE128 is a 32bit Flexis series microcontroller. The P&E's embedded multilink circuitry on the DEMOQE128 board allows the processor on the DEMOQE128 to be debugged and programmed via USB from the PC. In addition, the demo board can be powered using the USB bus. The board supports two interchangeable plug in daughter cards to quickly evaluate the 8bit S08 and 32bit ColdFire V1 QE128 MCUs. Embedded multilink circuitry on the DEMOQE128 board allows the microcontroller on the DEMOQE128 to be powered, programmed and debugged via USB from the PC. In addition, the demo board contains an on board logic analyzer and virtual serial port via USB to assist with rapid development.

• P&E's USB embedded multilink circuitry eliminates the need for external BDM cable
• Flexible power input sources selectable through jumpers
• ON/OFF power switch with LED indicator
• Selectable regulated VDD output at 3.0V or 2.1V
• RESET push button and LED indicator with enable
• External crystal circuitry layout
• Three axis accelerometer
• RS232 serial port with DB9-F connector
• Four user push buttons with enable
• 10Kohm POT with enable

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Код: 1430732

Технические параметры

Производитель Чипа
Архитектура Ядра
ColdFire, HCS08
Подархитектура Ядра
ColdFire v1, HCS08
Номер Ядра Чипа
MC9S08, MCF51Q
Название Семейства Чипа
Flexis - MCF51QE, Flexis - S08QE
Количество Бит
8 / 32бита
Содержимое Комплекта
Base Board, Daughter Card, USB Cable, Quick Start Guide
Линия Продукции
HCS08 Series
P&Es USB Embedded Multilink Circuitry, ON/OFF Power Switch, External Crystal Circuitry Layout
Особенности Комплекта
P&E's USB Embedded Multilink Circuitry, 3-Axis Accelerometer, ON/OFF Power Switch w/ LED indicator

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet DEMOQE128