DF13-5P-1.25DSA(20), DF13 Straight DIP header

PartNumber: DF13-5P-1.25DSA(20)
Ном. номер: 8038261256
Производитель: Hirose Electric
DF13-5P-1.25DSA(20), DF13 Straight DIP header
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Straight DIP Header
These Hirose DF13 series 1.25mm pitch miniature Straight DIP Through-Hole Pin Headers are low profile connectors (4.3 mm) with a scoop-proof box structure cleverly designed to prevent mis-insertion. Contact plating for Part Numbers ending in (20) are Tin and those ending in (50) are Gold on these DF13 series of 1.25mm pitch miniature Straight DIP Through Hole Pin Headers.
The DF13 series of straight connector headers has many applications including laptop PC's, video cameras, mobile terminals amongst many others.

Board Through-Hole diameter 0.6∓0.03 mm
Current rating 1A
Voltage rating 150 Vac
Operating temperature range -35 to +85 °C

" 1.25 мм соединитель типа ""провод-плата"" - Hirose DF13" 1.25mm Wire to Board - Hirose DF13
A miniature Wire to Board interconnect system. Options include through hole and SMT versions, which allows design engineers to save real-estate when board space is limited.

Low profile - only 5.8mm high (Vertical SMT type)
Double row available with up to 40 pins
Tin-plated contacts
Polarised housings
SMT header has metal fittings to prevent solder-peel

Разъемы / Разъемы на печатные платы / Штыревые разъемы на печатные платы /
Hirose DF13 Series, 1.25mm Pitch 5 Way 1 Row Straight PCB Header, Solder Termination, 1A

Технические параметры

материал контактов
Copper Alloy
номинальный ток
число контактов
число рядов
способ концевой заделки
Board to Wire
номинальное напряжение
150 V ac
Body Orientation

Дополнительная информация

DF13 Series