DM330011, Стартовый комплект MPLAB, для dSPIC, датчик температуры, интегрированный отладчик/программатор, USB

PartNumber: DM330011
Ном. номер: 8084609321
Производитель: Microchip
DM330011, Стартовый комплект MPLAB ...
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The DM330011 is a MPLAB starter kit for dsPIC DSC. This starter kit introduces users to the dsPIC Digital signal controller device using its speech and audio processing capabilities. The kit is USB-powered, has on-board debug circuitry and 24bit codec for high-quality audio applications. This product is also part of the human Interface program. The board is designed with dsPIC DSC with 256KB of flash memory, a high-fidelity audio codec, microphone input and headphone speaker outputs and is powered from the USB connection to the PC. Also on-board there are reconfigurable switches, potentiometers, a temperature sensor and a 4MB serial EEPROM to store data such as audio samples.

• Integrated debugger/programmer
• dsPIC33FJ256GP506 DSC with 256KB flash and 16KB RAM
• 16/24/32 bit codec with a maximum sampling frequency of 48KHz
• Low cost audio capture and play back circuitry using the 12 bit ADC and PWM audio
• Microphone and line level inputs with adjustable input gain
• 100mW headphone amplifier with Digital volume control
• Two switches and Three LEDs for user application purposes
• Four Megabit serial flash memory for application use
• dsPIC audio board integrated with Temperature sensor
• Temperature sensor

Полупроводники - Инструменты\Комплекты Разработчика и Аксессуары
Код: 1621788

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dsPIC Audio Board, MPLAB Starter Kit, CD
Temperature Sensor, Integrated Debugger / Programmer, USB Powered
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Integrated Debugger / Programmer, USB Powered, Low Cost Audio Capture and Play Back Circuitry

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Datasheet DM330011