DTS61NV, Thru hole tactile switch

PartNumber: DTS61NV
Ном. номер: 8120704539
Производитель: APEM Components
DTS61NV, Thru hole tactile switch
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Commercial Tactile Switches

SPNO "tact" switches offer wide choice of size, mounting and operating characteristics
Through-hole or surface-mount options with optional caps available

Selection Guide
Type A6mm x 3.5mm; Through hole mounting.
Type B6mm x 3.5mm; Surface mounting
Type C6mm x 6mm; Through hole mounting; Plain button
Type D6mm x 6mm; Through hole with square peg for mounting cap
Type E6mm x 6mm; Washable; Through hole mounting
Type F6mm x 6mm; Washable; Surface mount; Gull-wing
Type G6mm x 6mm; Washable; Surface mount; J-lead
Type H6mm x 6mm; Right-angle mounting
Type I12mm x 12mm; Through hole mounting; Plain button
Type J12mm x 12mm; Through hole mounting with square peg for mounting cap
Type K6mm x 6mm; Surface Mount; Gull-Wing; with square peg to mount a cap.

Current Rating50mA @ 12Vdc
Contact Resistance100mΩ max
Insulation Resistance10mΩ @ 500Vdc
Dielectric Strength250Vac / 1 min
Operating Temperature-25°C to +70°C
Electrical Life10 5 Operations
Wave Solder250°C max for 5 secs (PCB: 1.6mm thick)

Colour of switch actuator signifies operating force.

Тактильные Tactile

MEC range MEC family photo

An extremely wide range of beautifully designed high quality modular circuit breakers and switches from the Danish manufacturer MEC.

Переключатели / Тактильные переключатели и принадлежности / Тактильные переключатели /
Brown Button Tactile Switch, SPST 0.05 A@ 12 V dc 0.8mm

Технические параметры

цвет исполнительного механизма
длина исполнительного механизма
тип исполнительного механизма
расположение контактов
максимально допустимая мощность включения/выключения контактов
50 mA @ 12 V dc
материал контактов
Silver Plated Phosphor Bronze
действующая сила
1.57 N
тип контакта
Through Hole
Switch Operation

Дополнительная информация

DTS(M)-6 Series Modular Tact Switches