DV164139-2, USB KIT W/PICKIT-3

PartNumber: DV164139-2
Ном. номер: 8031272726
Производитель: Microchip
DV164139-2, USB KIT W/PICKIT-3
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The DV164139-2 is a low pin count USB development kit with PICkit 3. It provides an easy, low cost way to evaluate the functionality of PIC16F1459 (or other PIC16F145x) 14 and 20 pin USB microcontrollers. The board also supports operation with the PIC18F14K50/PIC18F13K50 pin compatible 20 pin USB microcontrollers. When used with the free Microchip Libraries for applications software, the platform provides all of the necessary hardware, software and code examples necessary to quickly bring your next USB design from concept to production.

• PICkit 2/3 style ICSP programming header
• PICtail daughter board expansion header
• MAX3232 RS232 line driver/receiver
• User writable silk screen area
• RS232 connector
• EUSART transmit and receive
• External device expansion footprints
• PICkit serial analyzer header
• Footprint for RJ11 connector

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Dev Board PIC16F1459, PICkit 3 Debugger/Programmer, Debug & 10pin M-M Header, USB Cable, DB9 Adapter
20pin USB MCU, Hardware & Software Support, PICkit 2/3 Compatible, USB Mini-B & USB-bus Powered

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Datasheet DV164139-2