E500-M4/0,75, HSS TAP

PartNumber: E500-M4/0,75
Ном. номер: 8011869441
Производитель: Dormer Tools
E500-M4/0,75, HSS TAP
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Machine tap bits_5099433_Normal Module E500 HSS metric straight flute plug taps

Range of HSS machine taps, straight flute, metric.
6H tolerance class, a short, 2-thread input and a 7 ° cutting angle.
Recommended for use in both through or blind holes with a depth of up to 2 times diameter.
Polished finish.

Standard: ISO 529

Сверло с канавками Rolled Flute Taps

Bright finish fluteless taps; for use on copper, aluminium, magnesium, brass, zinc etc.
Flash chrome finish fluteless taps; for use on steel up to 850N/mm 2 tensile strength, free matching and austenitic stainless steel
Made to ISO529 standard for tapping blind and through holes in a wide range of ductile materials
Smooth non-cutting action produces greater thread formed strength, higher life expectancy and increased tapping speeds especially where excessive tension occurs

Инструмент / Резьбонарезной инструмент / Плашечные метчики /
Dormer HSS M4 Straight Flute Threading Tap, 53 mm Length

Технические параметры

полная длина
53 mm
диаметр хвостовика
4 mm
тип хвостовика
размер резьбы
Straight Flute
Thread Standard
Class of Fit
Thread Direction
Right Hand

Дополнительная информация

E500 Machine Tap Data Sheet