EC378, 4 программируемых 28-выводных ECIO USB микроконтроллера, питание/программирование через USB LabView

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EC378, 4 программируемых 28-выводных ECIO USB ...
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The EC378 is a powerful USB programmable microcontroller with a 28pin DIL (0.6inch) footprint. It provides an incredibly simple way of adopting microcontroller technology into your projects. The device behaves just like a normal 18 series PICmicro microcontroller. But when you plug the USB lead in and press the reset switch you can send a new program to the device. This makes the ECIO one of the lowest cost USB programmers in the World. ECIO is compatible with hex code from any appropriate compiler. ECIO is directly compatible with Flow code, a graphical programming language which greatly simplifies the code generation process but can also be used with any C compiler.

• ECIO is suitable for use where direct programming from USB is required
• Programmable from USB
• Compatible with a free version of flow code
• Includes boot loader software
• Can draw power from USB
• Usable with LabView and VB, C++ etc

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ECIO28P USB Programmable Microcontroller
Содержимое Комплекта
Four 28-pin ECIO USB programmable microcontrollers
Draw Power from USB, Programmable from USB, Usable with LabView and VB, C++ etc
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Usable with Labview and VB, C++, USB Powered

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