EIN-4000U-242, Power Inverter Modified S

PartNumber: EIN-4000U-242
Ном. номер: 8029827718
Производитель: Ecopac Power
EIN-4000U-242, Power Inverter Modified S
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Modified Sine Wave, 100W to 5000W, Universal UK/Euro Output Sockets with USB
Modified sine wave inverters, with universal UK/Euro output socket and USB socket. These modified sine wave inverters come in an anodized aluminium case for durability and maximum heat dissipation. The car power inverter features 2 indicators showing the working and failure state and an ON/OFF switch to control the inverter manually. These modified sine wave inverters come with protections for over voltage, overload, over temperature, short circuit, reverse polarity and low voltage alarm & shutdown.

Universal UK/Euro output Socket
ON/OFF switch control the inverter by hand
Anodized aluminium case provides durability & max heat dissipation
Two LED indicators on the front panel shows the working and failure state
The inverter is compact, lightweight and easy to operate
Over voltage, Overload, over temperature, Short circuit, reverse Polarity protection
Low voltage alarm & Shutdown
Auto. Reset after being in protected
Soft Start

Mobile & Installed Power Inverters

Источники питания и трансформаторы / DC-AC инверторы / DC-AC инверторы для стационарной установки /
4000W Fixed Installation DC-AC Power Inverter, 24V dc / 230V ac

Технические параметры

входное напряжение
24V dc
Непрерывная выходная мощность
Импульсная выходная мощность
выходное напряжение
230V ac
Output Power Waveform
Modified Sine Wave

Дополнительная информация

EIN4000 Series Data Sheet