PartNumber: EP0885/P3
Ном. номер: 8045850120
Производитель: LCR Electronics
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230 × = 690
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от 10 шт. — 110 руб.
от 50 шт. — 74.60 руб.


The EP0885/P3 is a Capacitor Clamp with nylon mounting clip. This 50mm clamp is suitable for use with tubular capacitor. The S-series are particularly recommended where the capacitor cases should be isolated from the chassis on which they are fixed. The capacitor is raised 2mm off the mounting board thereby eliminating the need for an insulating disc on the capacitor. Metal clips can cut through the insulating sleeve and cause problems which cannot occur with an insulating nylon clip. The good mechanical properties of nylon are well known and these clips are particularly suitable where vibration is involved.

Пассивные Компоненты\Конденсаторы\Аксессуары для Конденсаторов
Код: 653512

Технические параметры

Тип Аксессуара
Зажим конденсатора с креплением для фланца
Диаметр Зажима
Линия Продукции
LCR EP Series
Для Использования с
Tubular Capacitors

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Datasheet EP0885/P3