ESRSTK/3, Self Limiting Heat Tape-T

PartNumber: ESRSTK/3
Ном. номер: 8091215148
Производитель: Electric Surface Heating
ESRSTK/3, Self Limiting Heat Tape-T
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Frost Protection Heating Tape
For frost protection of water and low temperature product lines. A parallel resistance, cut to length on site, self-regulating heating cable designed for frost protection, process pipework maintaining and hot water temperature maintaining. Adjusts heat output to equal the heat loss from the pipe work. As pipe temperature falls under no-flow conditions or due to decrease in external or internal temperature, ESR- increases output. As the pipe temperature increases under flow conditions or as a result of increasing external or internal temperature so output from ESR-S decreases. Adhesive lined heatshrink termination kit also available.

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Self-Regulating Heating Tapes

Кабели и провода / Силовые/Промышленные кабели / Принадлежности для теплоспутникового обогрева /
RS, Trace Heating Termination Kit, Maximum of +65 °C

Технические параметры

130 x 75 x 130mm
максимальная рабочая температура
Minimum Operating Temperature
Termination Kit

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