PartNumber: EVAL-ADE7880EBZ
Ном. номер: 8009209916
Производитель: Analog Devices
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The EVAL-ADE7880EBZ is an evaluation board used for evaluating the ADE7880 Energy Metering IC. The ADE7880 is a high accuracy, 3 phase electrical energy measurement IC with serial interfaces and three flexible pulse outputs. The ADE7880 device incorporates second order sigma delta (Σ-Δ ) analog to digital converters (ADCs), a digital integrator, reference circuitry, and all of the signal processing required to perform the total (fundamental and harmonic) active and apparent energy measurements, rms calculations, and fundamental only active and reactive energy measurements. In addition, the ADE7880 computes the rms of harmonics on the phase and neutral currents and on the phase voltages together with the active, reactive, and apparent powers, the power factor and harmonic distortion on each harmonic for all phases. Total harmonic distortion (THD) is computed for all currents and voltages.

• Evaluation board designed to be used to implement a fully functional 3 phase energy meter
• Easy connection of external transducers via screw terminals
• Easy modification of signal conditioning components using PCB sockets
• LED indicators on the CF1, CF2, CF3, IRQ0, and IRQ1 logic outputs
• Optically isolated metering components and USB based communication with a PC
• External voltage reference option available for On chip reference evaluation
• PC COM port based firmware updates

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Код: 2378488

Технические параметры

Производитель Чипа
Analog Devices
Номер Ядра Чипа
Подтип Приложения
Счетчик Электроэнергии
Содержимое Комплекта
Eval Board ADE7880
Линия Продукции
ADE7880 Series
Highly Accurate, Supplies RMS, Active, Reactive, Apparent Powers, Power Factor & Harmonic Distortion

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Datasheet EVAL-ADE7880EBZ