EVB9303, Оценочная плата, Ethernet PHY

PartNumber: EVB9303
Ном. номер: 8011922533
Производитель: Microchip
EVB9303, Оценочная плата, Ethernet PHY
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EVB9303 is a Ethernet switch evaluation board that utilizes the LAN9303 to provide a fully functional three port single MII/RMII/Turbo MII Ethernet switch. The EVB9303 provides two fully integrated MAC/PHY Ethernet ports (Ports 1 & 2) via on board RJ45 connectors. Port 0 is connected to external MAC (w/LAN9303 in PHY mode) via onboard 40 pin male MII connector and to external PHY (w/LAN9303 in PHY mode) via onboard 40 pin female MII connector. Power is supplied to the board via a 5V external wall mount power supply. The external supply is not necessary when Port 0 is configured for (and used in) PHY mode. In such cases, the 5V power rail is typically supplied through the MII connector from the MAC side. The EVB9303 includes a 8K x 8 I2C EEPROM that may be used to automatically load configuration settings from the EEPROM into the device at reset, allowing the device to operate unmanaged. An I2C host adapter interface header (10 pin, 2x5) is provided to simplify I2C based configurati

• High performance, full featured 3-port switches with per port IEEE 802.1Q VLAN support
• Industry's highest (±8kV/15kV) per port ESD protection
• IGMP v1/v2 monitoring for multicast packet filtering
• Up to 200 Mbps network speed via a Turbo MII interface
• Optional EEPROM or external CPU serial management support via an I2C interface
• Virtual PHY feature simplifies software development by mimicking multiple switch ports as single
• Integrated regulators require a single 3.3V supply
• 42 per port MIB counters for efficient network management

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Код: 2292561

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Ethernet PHY
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Evaluation Board LAN9303

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Datasheet EVB9303