FRDMKL25Z PROTO BUNDLE, Комплект разработчика Freedom, KL25Z, CorteX-M0+, совместимый с Arduino™ форм-фактор, Open SDA

Ном. номер: 8087150800
Производитель: NXP Semiconductor
FRDMKL25Z PROTO BUNDLE, Комплект разработчика ...
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The FRDMKL25Z PROTO BUNDLE is proto evaluation kit for Kinetis KL25Z freedom development platform. This proto kit includes the freedom board, sockets, headers, cables and Arduino proto shield kit required for freedom development platform. The freedom development platform is a set of software and hardware tools for evaluation and development. It is ideal for rapid prototyping of microcontroller based applications. The freedom KL25Z hardware, FRDM-KL25Z, is a capable and cost effective design featuring a Kinetis KL25Z microcontroller, the industry's first microcontroller built on the ARM Cortex-M0+ core. The FRDM-KL25Z is the first hardware platform to feature the NXP open standard embedded serial and debug adapter known as OpenSDA. This circuit offers several options for serial communications, flash programming and run control debugging. The Arduino proto shield kit makes it easy for us to design own custom circuits.

• OpenSDA sophisticated USB debug interface
• Tri colour (RGB) LED
• Capacitive touch slider
• MMA8451Q accelerometer
• Flexible power supply options
• Reset button
• Expansion IO form factor accepts peripherals designed for Arduino compatible hardware
• Power from either on board USB connector
• Coin cell battery holder (optional population option)
• 5V to 9V vin from optional IO header

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Kinetis - KL2
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Board, Cable, 4x Sockets, 3x pins, Arduino Protoshield Kit

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