G200VBM, Adhesive dispenser gun,20

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G200VBM, Adhesive dispenser gun,20
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Adhesive Dispensers

Dispensing guns and static mixing nozzles for structural adhesive cartridge systems. The robust guns are fitted with a ratchet propelled twin piston which forces against the syringe plungers giving an even, reliable flow of material. The guns enable fast replenishment of adhesive for good working operations. The static mixing nozzles are designed with a helical mixing baffle which ensures full mixing. The ends of the mixers can be cut back to increase the bead size applied.

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Structural Adhesives & Accessories

Клеи, герметики и ленты / Диспенсеры для клея, герметиков и лент / Пистолеты для нанесения герметика /
RS Sealant Gun, Manual Dispenser Cartridge 200mL

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