GREEN ALIGNMENT KIT, Green Laser Alignment Kit

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GREEN ALIGNMENT KIT, Green Laser Alignment Kit
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Alignment Kits
Two high quality interchangable, plug & play alignment kits, The 532nm Green Alignment Kit which is 9 times bright then a 650nm laser to the human eye is particularly suited for use on surfaces such as hot steel, working at longer distances and in high ambient light level.The Red Alignment Kit is a unique, interchangeable, low cost plug and play laser system. Designed primarily for aligning and positioning of garments, cloth, paper, wood and metal,

Laser Class: 3R
Laser Wavelength: 532 nm (Green Visible) / 635 nm (Red)
Output Power: 4.5 mW Green / 3 mW Red
Power Supply Input: 110Vdc to 220 Vac
Case Depth: 90 mm
Case Height: 292 mm
Case Width: 345 mm

Red Alignment Kit
635nm, 5mW, LaserLyte flex
Power Supply 110 / 240 Vdc
5 Interchangable Optics

Green Alignment Kit
532nm, 5mW Green Laser
Power Supply 110 / 240 Vac - 3.5 Vdc
6 Interchangable Optics

These laser diode modules are OEM devices and conform to the emission criteria of BS (EN) 60825. It is recommended that this standard and the Data Sheet are read before these lasers are used. Serious eye damage may result if any laser of 1mW or above is pointed directly at the eye.

Both kits are supplied with Heavy Duty Carry Case, UK, Euro & US Power Leads, Heavy Duty Mounting Clamp & A Focus Key

Laser Modules

Дисплеи и оптоэлектроника / Лазерные модули и компоненты / Лазерные модули /
Laser Module, 532nm 5mW,, Cross/Dot/Line pattern Green Alignment Kit

Технические параметры

Laser Colour
Emission Pattern
Cross, Dot, Line
Laser Wavelength
Optical Output Power

Дополнительная информация

Development Kits Data Sheet
Greenlyte Development Kit Userguide