GRF100-5, SMT RF relay, centigrid

PartNumber: GRF100-5
Ном. номер: 8012778157
Производитель: Teledyne Relays
GRF100-5, SMT RF relay, centigrid
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Centigrid® RF Relay - RF100/GRF100 and RF103/GRF103 Series
The Centigrid® RF100 and GRF100 repeatable RF relays, along with the Centigrid® RF103 and GRF103 sensitive repeatable RF relays are ultra-miniature, hermetically sealed with DPDT contact configurations designed to provide improved RF signal repeatability over the frequency range.
The through hole mount RF103 (stock number 758-2509 ) and the surface mount GRF103 (stock number 758-2470 ) are sensitive coil versions of the through hole mount RF100 (stock numbers 399-9414 and 399-9420 ) and the surface mount GRF100 (stock number 758-2461 ), they have twice the coil resistance of the standard versions so require half the power to operate.
Both the sensitive and standard types have a 2.54mm Centigrid® pitch. The RF100 ( 399-9414 and 399-9420 ) have a 7.37mm profile height, the RF103 ( 758-2509 ) has a 10.03mm profile, the GRF100 ( 758-2461 ) has a 8.38mm profile and the GRF103 ( 758-2470 ) has a 11.05mm profile height.
The surface mount GRF100 and GRF103 Centigrid® relays feature a unique ground shield that isolates and shields each lead to ensure excellent contact-to-contact and pole-

Broad bandwidth
Hermetically sealed
Gold plated contacts
Metal enclosure for EMI shielding with high resistance to ESD
High isolation between control and signal paths
Excellent resistance to shock and vibration
High reliability and excellent resistance to environmental extremes
Uni-frame design provides high magnetic efficiency and mechanical rigidity

Teledyne - High Frequency Relays

Технические параметры

мощность катушки
сопротивление катушки индуктивности
50 Ω
напряжение катушки
5V dc
расположение контактов
материал контактов
Gold Plated
контактное сопротивление
0.1 Ω
тип монтажа
Surface Mount
Contact Voltage
10 → 50mV

Дополнительная информация

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