H-HLRS-5, M5 Steel Ringlock Washer

PartNumber: H-HLRS-5
Ном. номер: 8006214932
Производитель: Heico
H-HLRS-5, M5 Steel Ringlock Washer
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4 180 × = 4 180
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Heico Ring Lock Washers
If you are looking for a high quality ring lock washer system the Heico ring lock washers not only provide you with extra security but, are user friendly and ideal for the most demanding of applications. This is an excellent washer for repeated use and the ring lock system goes you the added guarantee that the washers are fastened into the correct position. Even if you are not a regular user this system means that is easy, safe and quick to install. The Heico ring lock washers are supplied already assembled with a polyamide ring and the Heico wedge lock washers. The polyamide ring holds the two washes in the correct position.

Locking & Anti-vibration Washers CdS cell, NSL series, Silonex

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Zinc Steel Ring Lock Locking & Anti-Vibration Washer, M5

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