HA230F, Supercap 0.4F 140mohm 20x

PartNumber: HA230F
Ном. номер: 8088719657
Производитель: CAP-XX
HA230F, Supercap 0.4F 140mohm 20x
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H series Supercaps - Cap-XX

Smallest devices available for given ESR and capacitance
High Power density 75 kW/litre
Exceptionally thin profile with SMT connections
High power output for peak current loads upto 30A
Wide operating temperature range
Supplied in a discharged state

These products must be hand soldered to prevent damage to the body of the product that could be caused by SMT soldering methods. Balance resistors are required for dual capacitors to prevent overvoltage of individual cells during the charge and discharge cycles

Activated Carbon Super Capacitors Aluminium (EDLC) Super Capacitors

Пассивные компоненты / Конденсаторы / Ионисторы (двуслойные электрохимические конденсаторы) /
CAP-XX 0.4F ±20% 140mΩ 5.5 V dc Electric Double Layer Capacitor Supercap H

Технические параметры

18 mm, 3.8 mm
Equivalent Series Resistance
ток утечки
1 μA
максимальная рабочая температура
Minimum Operating Temperature
Supercap H
тип контакта
5.5 V dc
Tolerance Minus
Tolerance Plus
Capacitor Family
Electric Double Layer

Дополнительная информация

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