HCPL-2200-500E, Digital Output Optocoupler, Low Input Current, 1 канал, 3.75 кВ, 2.5 Мбод, Поверхностный Монтаж DIP

PartNumber: HCPL-2200-500E
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HCPL-2200-500E, Digital Output Optocoupler ...
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The HCPL-2200-500E is a 1-channel 8-pin surface-mount Logic Gate Optocoupler combines a GaAsP LED and an integrated high gain photodetector. The detector has a three state output stage and has a detector threshold with hysteresis. The three state output eliminates the need for a pull-up resistor and allows for direct drive of data busses. The hysteresis provides differential mode noise immunity and eliminates the potential for output signal chatter. The electrical switching characteristics of the HCPL-2200 are guaranteed over the temperature range of 0 to 85°C and a VCC range of 4.5 to 20V. Low IF and wide VCC range allow compatibility with TTL, LSTTL and CMOS logic and result in lower power consumption compared to other high speed optocouplers. Logic signals are transmitted with a typical propagation delay of 160ns.

• Three state output (no pull-up resistor required)
• 1.6mA Low input current

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1 канал
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Поверхностный Монтаж DIP
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Datasheet HCPL-2200-500E