HEDS-9000#T00, Инкрементный энкодер, модуль, оптический, 2 канала, 2000 циклов

PartNumber: HEDS-9000#T00
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HEDS-9000#T00, Инкрементный энкодер, модуль ...
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The HEDS-9000#T00 is a 2-channel Optical Incremental Encoder module offers high performance, when used with a code-wheel, modules detect rotary position. Due to a highly collimated light source and unique photo-detector array, these modules are extremely tolerant to mounting misalignment. The two channel digital outputs and the single 5V supply input are accessed through five 0.025" square pins located on 0.1" centres. Standard resolutions for the HEDS-9000 are 500CPR and 1000CPR for use with a HEDS-6100 code-wheel or equivalent.

• Dual channel quadrature output
• High resolution
• Easy to mount
• Small size
• TTL Compatible
• Single 5V supply
• -40 to 100°C Operating temperature

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