PartNumber: HL8518
Ном. номер: 8010947890
Производитель: Sierra Wireless
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The HL8518 is an industrial grade embedded wireless module (Europe target region). It provides voice and data connectivity on GPRS, EDGE RX, WCDMA, HSDPA and HSUPA networks. AirPrime HL8518 is from essential connectivity module family. This embedded module offers everything device manufacturers need to meet essential connectivity requirements. Key differentiators include a common form factor, small size, low power consumption, enhanced RF performance, optional GNSS (GPS and GLONASS) and worldwide coverage. It is a smallest module on the market sharing a common form factor across 2G, 3G and 4G technologies. Now with just one PCB design, device manufacturers can easily integrate voice/data connectivity and deploy in any region on any wireless mobile network. The compact form factor offers choice of soldering down module for efficient high volume production or using a snap-in socket on same solder pads for total flexibility in prototyping or smaller volume runs.

• Compact, flexible and future proof 2G, 3G and 4G essential module
• Smallest 2G to 4G form factor on the factor and solder down or snap-in socket option
• Intelligent pin to pin compatibility and powered by AirVantage cloud based service
• 8 UART, USB, 2 ADC, 8 GPIO, flash LED output, PWM (buzzer), Tx burst indicator & SIM (1.8V/3V)
• Digital audio, codec (HR, FR, EFR, AMR), echo cancellation & noise reduction, DTMF
• Supports TCP, UDP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS internet services
• B1, B8 3G HSPA frequency bands and 900, 1800 2G EDGE/GSM/GPRS frequency bands
• CE, FCC, PTCRB, GCF, IC, Anatel, CCC regulatory approval and vodafone carrier
• 2.8V power supply for extended battery, 50µA alarm (leakage), 1µA LTE standby and idle, 460µA HSxPA
• Dimension of 22mm x 23mm x 2.5mm and operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C

Код: 2630504

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