HOA1873-011, Пропускающий фотопрерыватель, Фототранзистор, Сквозное Отверстие, 2.54 мм, 1.52 мм, 50 мА, 3 В

PartNumber: HOA1873-011
Ном. номер: 8018027856
Производитель: Honeywell
HOA1873-011, Пропускающий фотопрерыватель ...
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The HOA1873 series Transmissive Sensor consists of an infrared emitting diode facing an NPN silicon phototransistor or photodarlington encased in a black thermoplastic housing. Detector switching takes place whenever an opaque object passes through the slot between emitter and detector. The HOA1873-001, -002 and -003 have a 0.050-inch (1.27mm) diameter detector aperture and employ metal can packaged components, while the HOA1873-011, -012 and -013 have a 0.060-inch (1.52mm) diameter detector aperture and contain plastic molded components. HOA1873-001, 002, 003 housing material is acetal copolymer. HOA1873-011, 012, 013 housing material is polyester. Housings are soluble in chlorinated hydrocarbons and ketones. Recommended cleaning agents are methanol and isopropanol.

• Choice of phototransistor or photodarlington output
• Three sensitivity ranges
• Choice of metal can package or plastic molded components
• 0.100" (2.54mm) Slot width

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Код: 1201176

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HOA1873 Series

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