HSMS-2820-TR1G, РЧ диод Шоттки, барьер, Одиночный, 15 В, 1 А, 340 мВ, 1 пФ, SOT-23

PartNumber: HSMS-2820-TR1G
Ном. номер: 8057071351
HSMS-2820-TR1G, РЧ диод Шоттки, барьер ...
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The HSMS-2820-TR1G is a surface mount RF Schottky Barrier Diode. It is specifically designed for both analogue and digital applications. This series offers a wide range of specifications and package configurations to give the designer wide flexibility. Typical applications of these Schottky diode is mixing, detecting, switching, sampling, clamping and wave shaping. The HSMS-2820-TR1G diode is the best all-around choice for most applications, featuring low series resistance, low forward voltage at all current levels and good RF characteristics.

• Low turn-on voltage (as low as 0.34V at 1mA)
• Low FIT (failure in time) rate
• Six-sigma quality level
• HSMS-282K Grounded centre leads provide up to 10dB higher isolation
• Matched diodes for consistent performance
• Better thermal conductivity for higher power dissipation

Полупроводники - Дискретные\Диоды\Диоды Шоттки
Код: 1056826

Технические параметры

Конфигурация Диода
Обратное Напряжение Vr
Максимальный Прямой Ток
Максимальное Прямое Напряжение
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Стиль Корпуса Диода
Количество Выводов
3 Вывода
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Линия Продукции
HSMS Series

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Datasheet HSMS-2820-TR1G